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Welcome to White Smile BC

My name is James Rolston. As a teeth whitening specialist I have personally performed over 20,000 teeth whitening applications

We use only quality Canadian made FDA/CSA compliant gels and supplies. Our revolutionary, top of the line LED Light is the only multi-functional light on the market. The blue LED light activates the gel to whiten teeth quickly and the red therapeutic light sooths the gums and teeth reducing sensitivity and irritation during and after the procedure.

We are the most comprehensive resource for teeth whitening products, teeth whitening gels, lamps, chairs and accessories in North America. Our head office is based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. We travel extensively in Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary and Edmonton performing at shows, holding teeth whitening clinics and events.

So if you’re interested in having your teeth whitened in one of our clinics or want some products to use in the comfort of your home, if you want some information to set up your own home based business or to offer teeth whitening at your salon give us a call at 604 615 6264 or email me at wjrolston@rogers.com