My name is James Rolston.
As a teeth whitening specialist I have personally performed
over 20,000 teeth whitening applications

Our Services

Teeth Whitening Applications


White Smile BC uses the most effective whitening gel and the most sophisticated LED lamp in the industry. One treatment is typically enough to provide a visible 3 to 8 shades improvement … guaranteed. For the more stubborn stains we do offer additional treatments to give you the best and most desired results. We also offer a complete line of after care, touch-up and maintenance products which will further help to keep your teeth glistening throughout the coming year.


Little Swarovski Blings


Little Swarovski Blings are manufactured by Swarovski, they are small in diameter (only 1.8mm) and come in 12 different colours. They are applied to the tooth in 5 minutes using safe professional dental materials. Our application does not require drilling or holes. It is completely painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed. They last 1-12 months depending on habits and acidity of saliva.
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