Product Application

WhiteSmile offers professional, safe, painless teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost!

WhiteSmile Teeth Whitening mimics the exact procedure Dentists use for in-office Teeth Whitening!

We use the same techniques, the same ingredients and the same equipment!

Our Clinics are conducted in professional, clean and relaxing locations!


The Teeth Whitening Procedure



1) First step is to fill out a health history and take a look at your un-whitened teeth to make sure there will not be any complications.

2) Compare natural teeth to the shade guide and record a “before” shade.

3) Apply lip moisturizer and insert comfortable cheek retractor ( to keep lips and cheeks from rubbing gel off the teeth).

4) Apply Vitamin E to the gums, to protect and moisturize.

5) Apply teeth whitening gel to each tooth, and set up blue light.

6) Relax…. and let the magic happen!

The Teeth Whitening Blue/Red Light



White Smile Teeth Whitening’s Blue/Red light does not emit UV or infrared rays, and is safe for gums, skin and eyes.* This special blue/red light speeds up the oxygen molecules responsible for whitening your teeth.
** 1% of people who do the teeth whitening can get sensitivity after their teeth whitening. This is not permanent or damaging to the teeth.