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As a teeth whitening specialist I have personally performed over

20,000 teeth whitening applications

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White Smile offers teeth whitening for the end user. Products for whitening at home plus certified training, equipment and products for those who would like to start their own teeth whitening business. White Smile whitens teeth. Over 25,000 successful applications performed and counting. Phone us for an appointment at any of our satellite locations nearest to you. Book now for a whiter and brighter smile in just 30 minutes and see immediate results guaranteed. With no sensitivity. We use only quality Canadian made FDA/CSA compliant gels and supplies. Our revolutionary, state of the art LED Cool Blue Light activates the gel to whiten teeth quickly with little to no sensitivity or irritation to the teeth and gums during and after the procedure.

White Smile offers a proven system that is used worldwide in the dental and teeth whitening industry. It is safe, quick and effective; giving immediate results with little to no sensitivity.

We use a cheek retractor which gently moves your lips away from your teeth. We apply a protective gel to the gums before applying the whitening agent to the teeth. The solution is then activated by our state of the art LED red/blue light which is soothing to the gums and works efficiently to speed up the whitening process.

Our head office is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia We also offer the procedure at our satellite locations in West Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna and Vernon by appointment only.